# 60 Minutes (Special episode, filmed in Bogota, Colombia)

# Channel 7  -Sunday Night  – special on San Pedro Prison


# ABC Radio – Richard Fidler – Conversations (48min interview) 






# 1 Bestseller in Australia

A heart-thumping novel – MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE –

Colombiano deals with timeless themes — the self-perpetuating nature of hatred, the relentless cycles of violence and victimhood — and explores how they have fuelled decades of relentless civil war in Colombia…Powerful stuff THE AUSTRALIAN – 


A fantastic novel of revenge, betrayal and redemption…brilliantly bridges the gaps between Crime, True Crime and Suspense/Thriller  – QBD BOOK SELLERS-

The perfect holiday read, at times unbearably raw and shocking, but also thrilling and fast paced and well researched. As the millions of fans of Marching Powder already know, Rusty tells a bloody good story….This is the book his fans have been waiting for – JOHN PURCELL, DIRECTOR OF BOOKS, BOOKTOPIA.COM.AU

Wow, what a novel! Colombiano is a dazzling, intricately woven revenge tale that takes you deep into Colombia’s civil war and its devastating effects. The rich emotion at the heart of this story will cling to you long after the book ends – KAREN (online reviewer)

A jaw-dropping account of child soldiers and drug wars in Colombia. Young has done the research as he worked secretly for the US government in Colombia, so he’s fictionalized all sorts of people and situations in the most compelling way. An unputdownable read that will keep you on the edge of your seat – EMMA (online reviewer)

Thrilling, deeply moving and – surprisingly given its subject material – funny, Young’s debut novel Colombiano stands head and shoulders above the pack – JOSHUA (online reviewer)

This exciting and heartbreaking journey is a must for all fans of Shantaram – KALE (online reviewer)

Colombiano is an intense novel made more so by the knowledge that it is heavily based on fact. I couldn’t turn away – ALEX (online reviewer)

The lines between fact and fiction are blurred in this one-of-a-kind novel by bestselling author Rusty Young. . . I loved the way Young wrote something some ‘adult’ from a teenager’s perspective – EMILY (online reviewer)

A tense novel that pummeled through plot points and twists like there was no tomorrow – NICOLE (online reviewer)

Colombiano is fast-paced, unpredictable and utterly shocking in its detail. Young has blended his past experience, interviews and expertise to bring this story to life – I couldn’t put it down! – PETA (online reviewer)